Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Low Down...

My last blog was basically a race summary.  I'm not sure how I feel about taking the early season so easy.  I'm really trying to hold off burnout.  Yes, I still enjoy racing but, it real tough getting the consistent miles in.  I am so busy at work and with life that I'm just flat out tired when it's time to train.  So I've been having a little fun.  I swim hard, run harder, and bike when I can.  All that is coming to an end.  July 1st I am focusing on an A race.  I think I've hit that point in my tri life that careless hard work just doesn't win races anymore.  It's time to take what I have and focus it on a goal.  I can not organize my life in this manner so I decided to look into a coach.  I talked to several people and had a lot of pro's and con's about each.  What I really wanted is someone who understands that I am a swimmer first.  I like to be in the water a lot.  Rather than a day off I always feel better flopping around easy for 45 minutes in the pool.  Plus it's hard for me to take direction from someone who can't beat me in the water.  So I think I'm all set up with a good guy who basically rounds out many open points in my life right now.  As of July 1 I am handing it all over.  Augusta 70.3 is in September and I really want to do well.  I think its going to be the make or break race.  If I suck I will really start taking a hard look at what my future is in this sport.  With all that said...I am so excited to train this next 4 months.  I am back down in the low 160's, my Achilles is feeling good, and I have a huge F-ing base. I'm increasing my run miles a lot.  Guess what, I don't have to take every run at 630 miles.  I ran 58 miles this week all around the 8-830 mile range.  Slow right??? I know but, I feel really good and it is in the mid 90s daily.  Just getting strong.  Hopefully I won't be writing a pity blog in 5 months...So stay tuned, I'm really going to try to blog twice a week from July to Sept.  Can't wait!

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